Helping Loved Ones with Dementia Feel More Included

Dementia is something that affects over 5 million people in the United States alone, so it’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed. This is especially true when it comes to the senior population, who are much more likely to fall prey to the disease than younger people. Seniors are more likely to lose key pieces of information that used to be super important to them. Information like names of loved ones, birthdays, and past events become fainter and fainter every day. For every senior receiving in-home care in DuPage, it’s crucial that you understand what steps to take to care for your senior and what can be done to make them feel included.

When it comes to making your senior feel more included and less lonely, the first thing to understand is how much time you take to spend time with them. How often are you around at his or her house to just speak with them? Or how often do you bring over a newspaper to go over the news for the day and have some conversations around them? These small moments that you share with your senior do wonders for them and will help them to feel less isolated.

Why not bring the rest of the family over whenever you go over to your senior’s house to spend time with them? The more people around your loved one on a regular basis, the more positive they are going to feel and the less isolated. This can either be used to have a nice family dinner together or you guys can just play some board games together. In fact, having a game night with a senior with dementia has been shown to seriously help with their mind’s sharpness.

Don’t be afraid to bring out those old scrapbooks whenever you have these gatherings with your senior. Going through old memories and helping to spur those nostalgic feelings can help them in this tough time. Plus, the time you spend together will help your senior develop some new memories to cherish!

And lastly, if you are having any large events with friends and family members, put some thought into how your senior can help out with those. They are most likely used to helping prepare or clean in some way, so give them some tasks to do to feel included.

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