What are the Most Common Infections in Older Adults?

In the people over the age 65 years, infections cause 30% of deaths. This fact shows how dangerous infections are for older adults. Seniors’ immune system weakens with aging, which puts them at a higher risk of infections and diseases. But, what are the most common infections in older adults? Well, here is a list.

UTI – Urinary tract infections, also known as UTIs are very common in older adults. Usually, they are treatable with antibiotics, but if not treated on time, they can lead to severe results. In addition, the risk is higher for seniors, who are diabetic, or use catheters. Seniors suffering from UTIs should get immediate medical treatment.

Pneumonia – Pneumonia can be dangerous for older adults, if not treated on time. Mostly, it’s bacterial meaning it can be treated with antibiotics. However, viruses or fungi may cause it too, and in this situation, it may be less treatable. Due to changes in lung capacity and weaker immune system, your aging loved one might be at a higher risk of Pneumonia.

Influenza – Flu is common in people of all ages, but, older adults are at a higher risk of both catching it and suffering from severe results. Many older Americans die from flu complications every year.

Gastrointestinal Infections – Helicobacter pylori and Clostridium difficile are two of the most common gastrointestinal infections in those, over the age of 65.

Seniors battling infections might need regular help and daily living assistance. Family caregivers can take up the senior care giving duties, or hire caregivers to care for aging loved ones in their absence. If you are looking for professional caregivers, then hire only from a noted firm like Always Best Care.

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