Ways To Communicate With Dementia Suffering Seniors

The number of dementia sufferers is increasing rapidly in America. Unfortunately, the level of awareness among people about this disease is not increasing with the same rate. Due to the lack of knowledge, many families struggle to cope with their loved one’s dementia especially at communicating with the senior. Memory loss and behavior issues affect dementia sufferers’ communication abilities. But, the task is not impossible either.

Here are some simpler ways to communicate with your dementia suffering senior.

  • Always make eye contact and introduce yourself. Make sure their attention is on you. It may take an emotional toll on you to introduce yourself to a loved one, as they may forget who you are over time. But, you have to prepare yourself for it, and do it with care and compassion.
  • Make sure to speak slowly and clearly, so that senior can understand you. Ask simple and one question at a time. Keep your voice lower and gentler.
  • Your senior may get distracted due to television, radio or other distractions in the room. Try to talk to them in a quiet and calm place.
  • When you think that conversation is taking a negative turn, try to redirect and distract. Do not get into arguments with dementia sufferers, as it can agitate them.
  • Take photos or memorable belongings with you. It may help them in remembering the good old days.

If your senior is struggling to meet their own care needs in daily living, then hiring experienced caregivers is an option. Caregivers have training and experience of taking care of someone with dementia. They can care for your loved one expertly.

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