Reading and Seniors – What’s the Gain?

Books are man’s best friend. You may have heard this phrase many times and ready many books. Books are knowledge, fun and interesting. But this is not where their benefits end. For older adults, books can be a bundle of benefits, some of which are mentioned below.

Reduce stress – A good book can give seniors something else to focus on, instead of their lives or the problems they might be suffering from. It can take them to another world, away from their problems. Reading can relax them and reduce their stress.

Improve mental stimulation – It’s a well-known fact that reading improves mental stimulation, which is good for the brain. Increased mental stimulation protects older adults from diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. In addition, it improves mental health.

Improves memory – Reading books can help your aging loved one improve their memory and stave off memory loss in the retirement years. Not only, it creates new memories in mind, but also strengthens the old ones.

Enhances critical thinking – Reading requires lots of thinking, understanding and guessing. When reading an interesting book, seniors may unknowingly enhance their critical thinking skills. It also sharpens their decision-making skills.

Books provide a distraction from day-to-day life, along with relaxation. However, many seniors are unable to go out and buy books (due to transportation issues) or they may need assistance with reading (due to vision loss). If such is the case, then family members or caregivers can aid seniors with reading.

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