Improve Your Senior’s Immunity This Winter Season

Winters are around the corner, and they are usually followed by infections, flu season and other health issues. Seniors are at a higher risk of getting sick during this season, due to their declining immunity in the twilight years. However, you can help your elderly family member improve their immunity this winter season. How?

Here are a few tips –

  • Healthy diet – Make sure that your senior follows a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins, protein and nutrients. Their diet should include vitamins C (to protect them from its deficiency) and antioxidants (for better health). Make sure that your loved one eats lots of fruits, vegetables and an appropriate amount of milk products. Include nuts and seeds in their diet too. Moreover, if their doctor has suggested a particular diet for them, encourage them to follow it religiously.
  • Vaccination – You should ensure that your elder has proper vaccination to protect them from infections and diseases this winter season. Flu vaccine shots are essential too.
  • Exercise – In winters, encourage your elderly family member to exercise more, as it will help them improve their health and fitness. Some fresh air and soaking up the sunlight will do wonders for their health.

However, seniors may need a helping hand to maintain it all including healthy diet, exercise etc. If you cannot be there at all times, then make sure that they have a caregivers with them. If your senior has Alzheimer’s, then hire a professional care providers from a recognized firm in Cedar Falls. Caregivers can take good care of your elder’s health, meals, vaccination appointments etc.

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