How Seniors Can Cope With Depression?

Is your senior suffering from depression? Well, you are not alone. Millions of older adults in America are suffering from this medical condition. However, coping with depression is a matter of trying. Here are a few activities that can help your loved one in this matter.

Exercise – Many don’t realize but exercise can be a stress buster for seniors. Daily walks in park can cheer up seniors by giving them an opportunity to go out in the fresh air. During exercise, body releases happy hormones, also known as endorphins that trigger a positive feeling. Exercise increases the level of physical activity in older adults’ daily routine effectively making them healthier and more active.

Socialization – An active social life can help seniors stay away from depression. Older adults can maintain an active social life by going out more, meetings friends or family for lunch/dinner and enjoying family games. Meeting people and interacting with them may bring seniors out of isolation and depression.

Adopting Pets – Pets have helped many older adults beat depression. If you feel that your loved one is getting isolated at their home and you can’t visit them often, then get them a pet. Dogs, cats, fishes and birds are common pets that provide great companionship. Taking care of pets also gives seniors a sense of purpose. Stroking their furs and playing with pets will boost your loved one’s mood.

However, one needs to consider the fact that seniors may struggle to complete daily living tasks, due to medical conditions, mobility issues, impairments etc. It means, they may not be able to take care of pets, drive or exercise. To tackle such problems, hire geriatric care providers from a noted firm in Cedar Falls. Caregivers can perform care giving duties skillfully.

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