Exercises to Help Seniors Ease Aches and Pains

In the twilight years, aches become a common part of seniors’ lives. Medical conditions and aging are the reasons that lead to aches and pains in body for older adults. Due to these aches, many slowly get dependent on others for assistance in daily living and help around the house. Many also hire in home care providers in Cedar Valley for assistance and care.

However, it is not necessary for seniors to accept this as their fate and suffer pains for the rest of their life. Regular exercise can help them ease aging related aches and pains. Here are some examples of exercises that older adults can go for.

Bridging – Lie on the back and bend both knees. Place feet on the floor and arms on the sides. Press down on heels to lift hips off the floor. It will reduce lower back pain by strengthening hip muscles.

Swimming – For seniors suffering from joint pains, swimming is a great exercise. It exercises the whole body without putting much pressure on joints.

Curl up – Lie on back with feet flat on the floor. Slowly lift shoulders and head off the floor contracting abdominal muscles. Slowly lower shoulders and repeat this exercise a few times. It improves core muscles, balance and posture, effectively reducing back pain.

Walking – It is another great exercise that helps in reducing muscle and joint pains in seniors.

Older adults can also go for Yoga to increase their balance, flexibility and to reduce pains. However, seniors should talk to their physician before opting for an exercise regime. Physician can provide better suggestions depending on seniors’ health, and any medical condition.

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