Helping Mom Move

Senior CareWhen it is time for a parent or loved one to move to a senior care facility, using a senior move manager to oversee the move can help make the transition smoother. Senior move managers are movers who specialize in moving older Americans from their homes to assisted living or retirement communities. These professionals have the skills and training to safely move your parent or loved one’s belongings to their new home, while treating them with dignity and respect.


Because families are so geographically dispersed, and work schedules are so demanding today, moving an older relative can be a big burden. Families are often rushed to execute the move, which often results in seniors not having enough time to organize their belongings and come to terms with leaving the home they may have lived in for decades.


When families use a professional senior move manager, many issues that can make the transition difficult are smoothed out. Senior move managers will give seniors sufficient time to sort their items and prepare for the move. These professionals will also give seniors more control over the moving process than family members rushed to complete the move can, allowing them a greater sense of autonomy that seniors need.

Because they specialize in seniors, these professionals also have the skills needed to help seniors deal with emotional issues related to transitioning from home to elder care. One of the major advantages of using a senior move manager is that it reduces conflict within families. Because an independent third-party is facilitating the move, old grievances and conflicts that could make the transition more painful for all are avoided.