Fighting Off Seasonal Depression Through Hobbies

The winter months of December and January can be pretty rough on our physical and mental health. Especially for seniors, it’s pretty easy to acquire a case of seasonal depression when the temperatures drop and the daylight starts going away. Seasonal depression can have many effects on our bodies from a sense of sluggishness, to not wanting to get out bed, to not wanting to do anything with your friends and family. However, there are plenty of ways to combat this kind of depression, even when it’s freezing cold and gray outside. One of those ways is to pick up a new hobby like sewing, dancing, or volunteering. There are plenty of things to do to keep your mind off of those depressive thoughts. If you’re receiving in-home care in Jacksonville FL, below are some great ideas for different hobbies you can try when it gets cold outside.

  • If you want to get your hands busy this winter, how about picking up sewing as a hobby? Sewing or knitting is a great way to get the blood flowing to your fingers and create some really great pieces. Plus, these can be used for presents for your friends and family during the holidays and throughout the year! Hop on by A Stitch in Time or Yarn Cow to pick up some materials and get sewing.
  • Another hobby to pick up, if you’re a mobile senior, is dancing. Dancing is a fantastic way to keep away the seasonal depression when it gets cold and gray outside. It not only increases blood flow to all of your extremities, but it pumps your brain with tons of positive endorphins that make you feel much happier. No matter if it’s learning how to salsa, tango, or any other kind of dance, you’ll feel 10 times better after a good dance class. Plus, you’ll be able to meet some new people and get that all-important socialization time in. See what kind of dance classes you can take The Dance Shack in Jacksonville.
  • A hobby that will get you outside is jogging or speed walking. If it’s not too cold or if you have some winter weather workout gear, this is a great way to get outside and smell that crisp, winter air. If you head over to Blue Cypress Park, you’re sure to be feeling better in no time.
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