What Are The Common Diabetic Foot Complications?

Are you diabetic? Do you know about the foot complication caused by this disease? In diabetic people, foot complications are quite common, and they can be severe if not treated on time. But first you need to know the type of issues that you might be at the risk of.

Athlete’s foot – Through the cracks in skin, bacteria can enter, leading to infection, known as Athlete’s foot. It can cause itching, redness, and cracking. It is one of the most common foot complications in diabetic people.

Fungal infection – Seniors with diabetes are at a higher risk of fungal infection. Nails can be infected with a fungus and become thick, discolored and brittle as a result. Such infections will need proper medical treatment.

Calluses – An uneven gait or ill-fitting shoes can lead to uneven distribution of weight. Calluses (a build-up of hard skin) are usually the result of this. It usually occurs on the underside of the foot. It will need regular and proper care along with medication.

Blisters – Now, anyone can suffer from blisters if they wear shoes that don’t fit and rub the same spot. But in diabetic people, blisters can lead to infection and further complications.

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