Is Your Senior In Need Of Professional Care?

Have you heard ‘I am fine’ a lot from your senior recently? Do you suspect that they are trying to downplay their problems? It may seem silly to you but many seniors try to hide their problems. It’s hard for them to admit that they need help. What’s the reason? They don’t want to lose their independence or compromise their dignity. This is where you need to step in and help your loved one.

But, how you will know if your senior needs help? Well, here are the things to notice.

House in disarray – If your senior is struggling with housekeeping, then it can be a sign that they need help. Medical conditions, mobility or other problems are probably the reason for it. And now, when they need assistance, it is your responsibility to provide it or hire professionals.

Mismanaged meals – Spoiled or expired groceries in the house, sudden weight loss and missing meals are another sign. Mobility and transportation issues may be the reason behind their mismanaged meals and lack of grocery shopping. This indicates that they are in need of assistance.

Lack of personal hygiene – Dirty clothes and unkempt appearance is a sign that your senior is struggling to manage daily living.

Unexplained bruising – Many older adults experience problems with balance and mobility, which increases risk of falling. If you think that your loved is making up excuses for their bruising and injuries, then it’s time to get them the help they need.

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