Encouraging Laughter

Laughing is just as contagious as a sneeze, only it is better for you! Laughter has a way of bringing people together, making them feel happy and even healthy. It is a great way to get seniors feeling good, smiling and possibly even boosting their immune system and level of energy. Imagine if you were to help your senior laugh more often, just how much you could help them.

What Does Laughter Do?

Relieves Stress – If you or your loved one are feeling stressed over a health scare, finances or family troubles, try to find something to laugh about together. Laughing releases endorphins throughout the body, helping you or your loved one to release tension throughout the body, at least temporarily.

Resists Disease – While your loved one won’t be cured simply by laughing, but a healthy dose of laughter often can help to boost disease fighting cells throughout the body. This could help to fight the chance of obtaining infectious diseases.

Increase Blood Flow – An increased blood flow is good for the heart, so laugh away! This can help your senior be protected from heart attacks and other heart conditions.

Light companionship is sometimes all your senior relative needs to help encourage laughter. Whether you sit and talk about old times, look at pictures together or read a joke book, a good dose of laughter is important. If you don’t have the time to sit with your relative often, it is a good alternative to hire a professional that provides senior care in your loved one’s home to provide the companionship he or she might need.

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