What does Always Best Care do?

We offer two types of services to seniors:

  • Comprehensive non-medical in-home care. This includes a wide range of services provided by caring individuals to help seniors remain safe and independent in their homes. Examples include: help around the house, help with pets, meal planning and cooking, driving to and from appointments, standby assistance for fall prevention, help with personal care such as bathing, grooming, medication reminders, toileting, hospice support care, etc.
  • Help finding assisted living communities in the area. This service is provided at NO cost to the senior. If we help place a senior in a community, the community pays us a finder’s fee. What we do is review with the client their health and social needs, lifestyle preferences and budget, as well as their geographic preferences. We then narrow the search down to 2-3 communities we feel best meets their specific criteria. We arrange and accompany them on tours to the selected communities, and provide ongoing support while they think through their choices. Once they make their selection, we can also offer support services to help them as they move and get settled into their new community. 

How is this different from other agencies?

Most agencies offer only one of these services – not both. We offer both because we want our clients to understand all their options as they age. For some, staying at home is a great choice, but for others, it may not be safe or provide for their social needs. Our goal is to meet seniors where they are, give them all their options, and then help them and their families choose the best way forward.

In addition, it is not uncommon for our in-home clients to eventually move onto assisted living, either because they feel isolated, their physical or mental state has changed, or because the burden of owning a home has become undesirable. Whatever the circumstance, we help our clients make these difficult decisions and transitions. 

How do we work?

We start by sitting with the client and their family to learn what has brought them to this moment when they are actively looking into home care or assisted living. Sometimes families are in some type of crisis – perhaps a fall or surgery has prompted the discussion, and a solution needs to be found immediately.

We start by listening to the concerns of the client, their family and their health care providers to understand the client’s physical and social needs. We then discuss what options are available to ensure the client’s safety and well-being. We include a candid discussion about the costs associated with either in-home care or assisted living, so that clients and their families have a full picture of the financial impact of their decisions. We offer general advice, or if needed, help our clients find an expert to look through their long-term care insurance policies, VA benefits or other financial assets to realistically determine what they can afford and the best way to pay for ongoing care.

There is no cost or obligation for this discovery process.

If a client and their family decide that they want in-home care, we will work with them, and any medical providers to put together a comprehensive care plan. We actively coordinate with the other medical providers to the home, such as visiting nurses, physical therapists, hospice providers, etc. We then staff that plan and charge the client for any staffing hours they use. The schedule of hours and rates are stated up front in an agreement that can be cancelled or amended at any time. We can provide staff assistance from 1 hour to 24-hour, live-in care.

If a client and their family decide on assisted living, we work with them to narrow the choices, take them on tours and provide counseling as they make their community selection. As mentioned before, we are compensated by the communities through a standard finder’s fee, not by the client or their family. 

How do you screen caregivers for in-home care?

All caregivers we send to your home are our employees. We are not a registry. We are a licensed company with the State of Connecticut. Our caregivers are covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance, have passed a written examination, have had their license or certification validated, and have passed a thorough multi-state criminal background check. In addition, we conduct a thorough personal interview and sometimes use additional personality testing to help match clients to caregivers. All of our care providers receive comprehensive ongoing training as part of their employment with Always Best Care.

What are our hourly rates?

Hourly rates are dependent on the level of care needed, and the number of hours provided. Straight hourly rates generally run from $21-$26, although there are some circumstances where we must charge higher rates. For regular in-home services greater than 40 hours/week or live-in care, discounted rates and other programs are available to help families manage the cost of care.

Are you a local or national company?

We are both. Always Best Care is a national company with locally owned and operated franchised offices. Your local Always Best Care office is staffed by experts in the area senior community – including special senior service organizations, hospitals, assisted living communities and skilled nursing homes. They are trained and supported by a national organization that has been providing care to seniors since 1996, and is a leading company in this field. Local owners are trained and given ongoing support to run and manage their business to the highest quality standards, and have extensive resources to provide ongoing training and support to their staff and caregivers.

How are you active in the community?

Always Best Care now serves most counties in Connecticut. Our office participates in many senior organizations within the towns we serve, including support for programs and activities at a number of local senior centers. We are also active in several local organizations, such as the local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. We are a member of the Connecticut Homemakers and Companions Association. We also are an active part of our business community, raising senior issues through our memberships in a number of local Chambers of Commerce, and other local business organizations.