Senior Care in Westport

With a population of fewer than 30,000, low crime rates, and a community rich in history and culture, Westport, CT is the perfect place for seniors to enjoy their older years. Although this town is on the smaller side, there are many cultural, professional, scientific, and technical services provided in the area. Many seniors are proud to call Westport their home.

Seniors in Westport and all over the country enjoy their freedom and independence. They like being able to still care for themselves in their own in environment, as well as the freedom to come and go as they please. Given the choice, they generally want to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. However, for some seniors this can become difficult if mobility, safety, forgetfulness, and loneliness are factors. These factors can cause friends and family members to become concerned. A common reaction is to want to place the senior in an assisted living environment, or even a nursing home. While assisted living and nursing homes are good solutions for some seniors, many can maintain their independence at home with help.

The answer for many seniors that helps them keep the freedom and independence of living at home, and assures friends and family members that they are being well cared for and are safe is home care in Westport, CT. At Always Best Care of Westport, CT, senior’s needs are the top priority. Whether it’s everyday tasks like bathing, denture care, doctor’s appointments, or laundry; or the social and fun parts of life, such as lunch out with a friend or a shopping trip, the professional caregivers at Always Best Care are here to make sure the senior in your life is given the utmost attention and care.

Always Best Care’s caregivers are fully screened professionals must pass both a written test, as well as a full background check. More than 85% of our caregivers are state-certified Nurses Assistants, and most have at least 5-years demonstrated experience with homecare. Their experience and passion for senior care give them a unique opportunity to help seniors in the Westport community.

To find out more about the home care services we offer, call our office today at 203 877 1377 to schedule a free care consultation. During this consultation, we can sit down with your family and develop a comprehensive home care plan that will meet the needs of your loved one, as well as your budget. Always Best Care home care can provide the peace of mind that your senior loved one is safe and well cared for, while still providing for their freedoms and independence in the comfort of their own home.