Senior Care in Shelton

With a population of almost 40,000, Shelton offers many amenities, but still has a smaller town feel. It is home to two major golf courses, lots of parks and open space – including a new dog park – and has a very active senior center. During the last decade, Shelton has also seen a revitalization of its historic downtown area. Many seniors are proud to call Shelton home. In fact, almost 10 percent of households consist of someone 65 or older living alone in Shelton, CT.

Independence and freedom are two important values to senior Americans in Fairfield County and elsewhere. Seniors do not want to feel like they are burdening anyone, and they appreciate the ability to come and go as they please. Remaining independent for as long as possible is a common goal among aging Americans. However, there may come a point that this can become difficult, and most seniors eventually need extra help in the home with driving, cleaning, cooking, bathing and staying safe. Many family members will take on this responsibility themselves, while others may attempt to get their senior family member into an assisted living facility or even placed in a nursing home. These options, though they might be good matches for some seniors, can rob a more independent senior of their dignity and well-being.

Home care in Shelton, CT can be the solution to this problem. With home care, seniors can be assisted to remain independent for as long as possible. Always Best Care is the leading authority in senior care in Shelton, CT. Always Best Care professionals can help with many tasks, including transportation and help with shopping and doctor’s appointments, medication management, personal hygiene and even social outings. This allows seniors to remain in their home and continue enjoying their independence, all the while providing family members with the peace of mind that their loved one is well cared for and safe at home.

Always Best Care’s caregivers are fully screened professionals must pass both a written test, as well as a full background check. More than 85% of our caregivers are state-certified Nurses Assistants, and most have at least 5-years demonstrated experience with homecare. Their experience and passion for senior care give them a unique opportunity to help seniors in the community.
To learn more about the home care services we offer at Always Best Care, call our home office today to schedule a free, no-obligation care consultation for senior care in Shelton, CT. At this appointment we will sit down with your family to create a care plan to meet all the needs of your loved one, and that will fit within your budget. We can give you the peace of mind that your senior loved one is getting the crucial care that they need while remaining safe in their own home. Call us a 203 877 1377.