Yoga’s Non-Health Related Benefits for Seniors

We all know that physical exercise, including yoga, can help improve our physical health no matter how old we are. Yoga has a variety of health benefits such as increased bone mass and density, ielderly caremproved blood pressure, and greater flexibility. However, yoga also has many benefits that are not directly related to health. If you have a senior loved one who isn’t so sure about attempting yoga, discuss the following non-health benefits with them to see if they change their mind:



Yoga can be practiced nearly anywhere. A professionally trained elderly care Manchester CT caregiver can assist your elderly loved one in safely performing yoga at home, in a community class at Manchester Mahoney Recreation Center, or even outside at the Case Mountain Recreational Area.



Attempting something new and succeeding can give nearly anyone a boost of self-confidence. Seniors who are reluctant to try yoga because they think they won’t be good at it or simply cannot do it may surprise themselves and gain confidence in the process.


An Inexpensive Investment

When your senior friend or family member decides to try yoga or loves it and wants to stick with it, there is no expensive equipment to buy or contracts to sign. All you need is a floor with nice carpeting (or a mat, if you have hardwood or tile) as well as a instructional video, many of which can be found on YouTube – like the one below, to follow along to! If they decide later on that they do not enjoy doing yoga (which is unlikely), no one’s bank account will suffer.


Gaining Friendships

When seniors practice yoga in a community class, a yoga studio, or even outdoors, they have the opportunity to socialize and make new friends. It can be refreshing to meet new people and talk about similar interests. This act alone can have a positive impact on the physical, mental, and emotional health of your elderly loved one.


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