Ways to Improve Your Senior Loved One’s Sleep Habits

How well does the senior in your life sleep? If he or she is like most, a good night’s rest may escape him or her more often than not. As a senior’s body begins to change, so too does his or her needs when it comes to sleeping. The professionals in senior care Manchester CT at Always Best Care have a few tips that can help any senior citizen to get a few more precious hours of sleep each night.

Activity Matters

The more seniors do, the easier it is for them to sleep. While in elderly care Manchester CT seniors have many options for activities but some seem happier being sedentary. It’s important, though, that seniors get out and about to exercise before bed. Even if the exercise is as simple as assisted stretching, they are able to set their bodies up for a better night’s sleep.

Avoid Sleep Aids

Many seniors fall into the trap of using alcohol or medication to sleep. While in assisted living Manchester CT seniors may get used to a steady diet of their favorite sleep aid, but these aids only help for a short time. As time goes by, seniors who use sleep aids will need them in increasing quantities. As their resistance builds, these seniors will eventually have an even harder time falling asleep. It is always a good idea for the seniors in your life to slowly wean themselves off these aids.

White Noise

As seniors become lighter sleepers, they begin to notice even faint noises as they sleep. A good way to help a senior get an uninterrupted night’s sleep is to purchase a simple white noise machine. These machines drown out distractions and provide a good background for sleep. If you cannot guarantee silence in a senior’s sleeping area, these machines are the next best thing. Some seniors sleep better year round with a fan running in their room.

In-Home Care Manchester CT

Helping seniors sleep is a matter of assisting them so they can become more active, less reliant on sleep aids and better able to manage their own environments.  If you are interested in learning more about senior care in Manchester CT, contact Always Best Care today.  To learn more, call Always Best Care in Central Connecticut’s local owners, John and Kristine Lajeunesse at (860) 533-9343 or send an e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected] today.

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