Have you or a loved one been through the revolving readmission door of the hospital or rehab facility? Furthermore depending on the number of times the readmissions have occurred, you or a loved one could be put in the position of having to pay privately while in the hospital or rehab facility, but that will be discussed in another blog. For now let’s look at the Why readmissions are happening and How you can take steps to reduce or eliminate them.

1/3 of all Hospital Discharges are readmitted within 30 days
¼ of all Medicare patients return to the hospital within 1 month of discharge

3/4 of all patients fail to take prescriptions as directed upon discharge
Fewer than 50% of patients see their physician after discharge
50% of patients who live alone are at higher risk for readmission
Most patients and families are not assisted in coordinating non-medical home care as a supplement to medical based transitional care
Not enough use of real time home monitoring systems
How can these readmissions be reduced?

Helping to coordinate a patient’s complete discharge needs by making sure they not only have a home health agency but also a non-medical agency
Having a caregiver to ensure medications are being taken and at the proper time of day.
Making sure the individual has a ride to their follow up appointments and that the proper questions are being asked to physicians as well as provide feedback to family members regarding these appointments
Having a caregiver to provide personal care, safety and support with:
Medication reminders
Meal preparation
Bathing, dressing & toileting assistance
Assistance with safely ambulating
Transportation to and from appointments
Running of errands
Providing light housekeeping and laundry
Critical link in communication with other care providers to raise red flags and provide early detection
Choosing a home monitoring system tying into their physician’s office and other medical professionals to report data quickly and accurately
A care coordinator from Always Best Care Senior Services of Central Connecticut can be your partner in coordinating a well rounded care plan and help reduce the chances of readmission of yourself your loved one. We work with many nursing facilities and hospitals within Hartford, Tolland and Middlesex counties.

Contact one of our Care Coordinators at 860-533-9343 so that they can be a part of your discharge care plan for you or you loved one to transition home safely and remain in your home with the added care you need.

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