The Importance of Hiking for Senior Citizens

Health experts have discovered that regular exercise can assist in the prevention of several conditions that can easily land you in a hospital. Experts agree that the loss of endurance and body strength commonly attributed to aging is actually due to inactivity. This means that hiking can make a big difference in your cardiovascular health.

Why You Should Start Hiking

    1. Health Benefits

The health benefits associated with maintaining a regular exercise regime like hiking are numerous. For starters, hiking improves your mood, sleeping pattern as well as your sense of self-worth and purpose. Other health benefits include improved cardiovascular functioning, heart condition, blood pressure, and muscle strength. It also leads to reduced risk of hypertension, obesity, and diabetes.

    1. Assisted Living Manchester CT Maintains Your Independence

Regular exercise increases your chances of staying independent and being able to care for yourself by maintaining your functional mobility. What’s more, hiring non-medical senior services allows you to retain your individuality and freedom. For efficient in-home care Manchester CT baby boomers trust Always Best Care (ABC) Senior Services.

  1. Social Activity

Hiking popular trails or joining a local hiking group in Manchester allows you to socialize with other community members. This gives you something fun and exciting to look forward to everyday. If you are not comfortable with hiking in a big group, finding a partner or hiring a non-medical companion is better than hiking alone. At ABC, we offer the best assisted living referrals and the highest quality senior care Manchester CT has available.

Safety Tips When Hiking

It is essential to consult your physician before making any exercise plans, more so if you have a pre-existing heart condition. Additionally, consult a forest or park ranger to enable you choose a suitable and safe trail. Remember to carry essentials like water, a trail map, and a cellphone. You should also share your itinerary with a close friend or neighbor.

Always plan your hike according to your fitness level. If you have mobility issues, make sure to select a relatively flat trail that is easy to negotiate using assistive devices like a walking stick. Put on light clothing (non-cotton) when hiking in warm weather, and carry a jacket if the hike has a significant change in elevation.

When it comes to quality elderly care Manchester CT locals trust ABC. We are proud to continue serving the counties of Hartford, Middlesex, and Tolland. If you are a resident of Manchester, Hartford, CT, contact Always Best Care Services today at our hotline (860) 533-9343 or email us at [email protected] for more information about senior care.

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