The Importance of Dental Health for Senior Citizens

When seniors think about health, dental health is not the first topic to come to mind.  This is why you need to impress the importance of good oral health on your elderly loved one.  Proper dental care is essential in the golden years.

Home Oral Care for Seniors

If your senior relative has his own natural teeth, he needs to brush, floss, and use mouthwash every day.  He does not have to lose teeth, or experience gum disease or toothaches simply because of his age.

Dental Visits for Elderly Persons

Aging does not mean the end of dental visits.  Your elderly loved one can have the same benefits from professional cleanings as a younger person.  Regular visits can prevent oral health problems.

When your aging family member has regular examinations, dental problems can be treated before they can worsen.  He will also be checked for oral cancer.  While oral cancer is relatively uncommon, it requires immediate treatment if treatment is to be effective.

Dental Health and Your Loved One’s Overall Health

The senior years are not the time to neglect dental health.  The condition of teeth and gums can affect physical health.  Many serious medical problems are linked to poor oral health.  Your senior loved one can reduce the risk of diabetes, heart conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, and other conditions by keeping teeth and gums healthy.

When The Senior in Your Life Needs Help with Dental Care

Whether your loved one is aging in place, living with you, or resides at one of the apartments for assisted living Manchester CT has available, he may need some assistance with some aspects of dental care.  With in-home care Manchester CT senior citizens can enjoy good oral health and better overall health.

Depending on his particular situation, he may need help with his daily home dental care, or only to be reminded to perform his routines.  He may want assistance choosing and purchasing the correct supplies.  Even if he can perform these tasks without help, he may want someone to drive him to and from his dental appointments, and keep him company at the dentist’s office.

Seniors and their families in the Manchester area know that for the highest qualityelderly care Manchester CT residents choose the services available through Always Best Care.  You can help your loved one maintain great oral health by calling us at (860) 533-9343 or emailing [email protected].  For the best senior care Manchester CT services, your local ABC team is ready to help.

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