Revolutionizing Senior Care in Manchester CT Through Singing

Non-medical senior companionship care is important for helping seniors to maintain their vitality and effectively manage their daily lives. This is especially true in light of the many physical and emotional changes that come with aging. At Always Best Care, we are committed to providing seniors and their loved ones living in Central Connecticut with the senior care Manchester CT resources and information they need.

We have long since known that music therapy (thanks to a University of Miami School of Medicine study) is effective in treating many of the conditions seniors grapple with as they age. Such conditions include memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s, mood swings, increased anxiety, a loss of confidence, physical ailments, and more. A more recent study (conducted by researchers at George Washington University, published in the ‘Music Perception’ journal) indicates that singing (a specific form of music performance therapy) further amplified these and other benefits. Below are three ways non-medical companionship elderly care Manchester CT singing therapy services are benefiting seniors in Central Connecticut.

Seniors participating in singing therapy can enjoy:

  1. More self-confidence

Seniors who participate in singing therapy sessions are likely to experience greater levels of self-confidence than those who do not. Singing directly stimulates that part of the brain responsible for emotional health and wellness and feeling good about oneself. Seniors with a handle on their confidence are likely to also have a better handle on their daily lives.

  1. Coming together with other seniors

Through group singing, seniors are able to come together with other seniors. This gives them a rare opportunity to socialize and connect over meaningful activity. This sort of fellowship gives seniors something to look forward to and can further enhance feelings of well-being and wellness.

  1. Heal the body

In addition to positively affecting the brain and improving the emotional states of seniors, singing therapy also heals the body by improving posture, eyesight, and breathing. As their physical state improves in tandem with their emotional state, seniors are likely to need fewer trips to the hospital over time.

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