Let’s Make a Match!

Photo of NickeshaThere’s nothing more satisfying than matching a client with the right caregiver. Nickesha has proven herself to be a dedicated caregiving professional working for Always Best Care for the last four years and in caring for one of our clients for the last 8 months. Sadly, our client was recently hospitalized and moved into a care facility. We were told by the family and the physician in the hospital that if it had not been for Nickesha’s quick action, our client would have died, As, she was so in tune to his health and care that she recognized he was not well upon arriving to her shift and after a quick assessment she called 911. Our client had been bleeding internally and had lost more than 2 pints of blood prior to her arrival. It all happened so fast that now Nickesha’s schedule is suddenly wide open. Nickesha is a wonderful part of our ABC family and her personality can only be described as “uplifting” and “patient” she has been praised for her dedication to her client’s needs both from a personal care but companionship level. She has seven years’ experience providing care at home and in an assisted living community setting to a variety of older adults, including people with cancer and neurocognitive disorders. By the way, she’s comfortable with both dogs and cats!

Nickesha is an asset to Always Best Care, has recently been an award recipient of our C.A.R.E.S award, and a blessing to the people she serves. To learn more about how Always Best Care can help your loved one and our match making process give us a call at 860-533-9343.