How to Tell if Your Parent Needs Senior Care Services

Your parents gave you years of love and support. You know they have more than earned the right to happiness in their later years. Sometimes, however, physical and cognitive difficulties interfere with the life they may have had in mind. Through Always Best Care’s superior in-home care Manchester CT senior citizens are given the chance to live independent and fulfilling lives. The largest obstacle lies in determining if and when help may be needed. When you visit your parents, pay attention and watch for the following factors that could indicate that it’s time for a change.

Keeping your loved one safe is a priority. While there may be some conspicuous signs that there is a safety risk, like an unnoticed gas leak you find on a visit, there are other subtler signs that also indicate safety risks. Look for evidence of carelessness, forgetfulness, or mishaps. This could include scorch marks on a wall above an outlet, the smell of smoke or a blackened oven, or a mark on the garage door that is the same distance from the ground as the bumper of the car.

A decline in mental and/or emotional health also has an impact on the safety of your loved one. It can have a tremendous effect on the quality of life. A mental decline can result in missed in-home senior caremedications, important appointments being neglected, illness from foods that have not been stored properly, and more.

Emotional deterioration and depression can inhibit self-care, leading to poor hygiene, inadequate nutrition, or a lack of incentive to get up, get out, and socialize. If you notice any of these things, you will want to seek help. Always Best Care can monitor mental and emotional health with the kind of elderly care Manchester CT community members can trust.

It is a basic fact that physical prowess declines with age. For some, it is more pronounced and limiting. Watch your parents for signs of struggles. If it seems to take an inordinate amount of effort to get out of a chair or walk to the bathroom, there may be cause for concern. If they turn down a family activity because it is too much for them, it may be time to look into a senior caregiver Manchester CT service that the older population can take advantage of to be safer and more confident in their lives.

Your parent may only exhibit some of these struggles, or may have other struggles unique to them. If they are a cause of concern for you, they are worth looking into.


Always Best Care provides free in-home consultations in which you can get some much needed answers. For superior senior care Manchester CT families can contact us with a quick phone call to Kristine Lajeunesse at (860) 533- 9343 or by email at [email protected].

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