Have a Senior You Want to Nominate to Receive a Special Meal?

We all know at least one senior who has done something amazing, sweet, or awesome. We also know at least one senior who is lonely, sick, or just in need of a friend.

All of these seniors – and many others – are perfect examples of people who could be nominated to receive a special, home-cooked meal when Always Best Care Senior Services and October Kitchen team up.

Kristine Lajeunesse of Always Best Care will be cooking the dishes with Chef Paul Finney of October Kitchen and then will surprise the seniors with the meals – all as part of the next Make a Senior Smile Campaign.

Maybe your grandfather is still getting out and being active – despite his advanced age. Maybe you know the nursing home “greeter” – the person who says hello to everyone as they walk down the halls. Do you know a senor that would give someone they just met the shirt off their back?

Nominate him or her!

Is your relative living alone because she is widowed or her husband is in a nursing home? Maybe your neighbor doesn’t have any family around to take care of him. How about someone from your church who is battling an illness?

Nominate him or her!

These are just a few examples of people you might nominate, but are by no means the only ones.

If you have a senior you want to nominate to receive a meal, go to the Always Best Care Facebook page or the Always Best Care blog and leave the name of the senior and why they deserve this special meal.

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