Your family has always been a team. It’s one of the many reasons why a team-approach is the best way to ensure your loved ones receive well-rounded care as they age.

That’s what Always Best Care Senior Services of Central CT is all about. What we do is all about helping families in their time of need. We get a lot of calls into our office from people looking for help… and it’s rewarding to our team to be able to offer that support.

We understand what you’re going through. Our grandparents were very close to us, and Kristine’s grandmother lived with her for a while when she fell ill. Her parents did everything they could to manage her care and do the best they could, but there came a time when they could no longer do that.

Sadly, there wasn’t the affordability to hire someone privately, so the only option for them was to place her in a nursing home. She passed away shortly after that. Kristine watched how much that decision weighed on her family.

We work to give your loved ones more options… and we help guide you through it.

We have people dedicated to staffing and ensuring that the caregivers arrive on time and according to the client’s schedule – not the caregiver’s schedule.

A coordinator makes sure that the client has been assessed for the right level of care and the right services that they need. This person also ensures that there’s enough time in the family’s schedule to set goals and later revisit them.

The Client Service Director ensures that the client’s needs are being met and that the staff providing the service is up to par.

We also each handle something different on the administrative side of things.

In our company, John handles the billing, concerns, and helping families navigate paying, while Kristine handles care coordination and marketing.

But more importantly – we’re not just a team here at Always Best Care Senior Services of Central Connecticut. We’re a family. And we hope that if the time ever comes… you’ll know that – like your own family – we’re just a call away.

For more about our in-home care, assisted living referral services, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, and veterans assistance? Give us a call at 860-533-9343 or stop by and see us.

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