Jennifer J.

I want to first, thank you for your care and concern, not to mention your kindness and empathy. As a nurse and a caregiver,  I understand how important it is to have both an emotional support system and a way to tap into the resources available to patients and their families. I appreciate your efforts, your time, your knowledge, and your expertise.

It goes without saying that this is an emotional time, but having a direction to go in is essential. With your help and with Kristine’s guidance, I feel that our family was able to arrive at a decision that makes everyone as happy as possible under the circumstances.

My dad will most likely be discharged to rehab either tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. They are still trying to stabilize his blood pressure.

I am grateful to you for your follow up phone calls as well as for reaching out to me initially…even offering to meet over the weekend. You clearly provide a much needed service to the community. I am going to hold on to your phone number and email for now as we may continue to have questions as we proceed.

Again, thank you. You are a true blessing as you were able to provide me and my family with support when I was most in need of advice.

Jennifer J.

Barb G. & Family of Carol S.

Dear Kristine L. & ABC Team,
Just a note to say hi and Happy Holidays to all!
Since mom left white Oaks in August actually, this note is late, but am sending this anyways to thank you for your assistance shown mom, Carol S.
It was kind and professional, a service much appreciated by her and the family. Maintaining her independence is so important, and although her needs have changed & we can’t stay, we remember your help, especially Lauralee and Judy H, who most often took care of her. I don’t wish to overlook anyone, so please share our gratitude with your staff.
On behalf of Carol S.
with much gratitude & All wishes,

Barb G. & Family of Carol S.
South Windsor, CT

Betsy H.

I appreciate that someone is always there. We have twenty-four hour care, and someone is always there. I don’t worry that we aren’t going to have coverage.

~Betsy H., Florence, MA

Christiana B.

Maria the home care person who comes over is very good. I appreciate that the people in the office keep in touch as well. They keep on top of things. The caregivers are very compassionate and patient. She reads the paper to my mom and talks to her for long periods of time. She cooks very well and can look at the fridge and know how to put things together that would taste good. Always Best Care is exceptional. They’re very accommodating, helpful and they listen to what you have to say. I am glad that I’m doing business with Always Best Care.

~Christiana B., East Hartford, CT

Claudia B.

Anything from Always Best Care is good to have. The care from them has given me my life back. I wasn’t expecting a perfect match on the first caregiver, but Always Best Care did a very good job.

~Claudia B., Manchester, CT

Donna C.

I appreciate that they always accommodate me and have someone here to drive me, even if I only call them the day before. I’m so glad I was able to find them, because I didn’t know what I was going to do. I just lost my sister and she helped me out a lot.

~Donna C., Coventry, CT

Donna L.

I appreciate that they are dependable. The call at intervals to make sure that everything is going alright. They make a home visit to make sure my mom is alright. I like that they keep in contact with us. They are consistent at working with the elderly. They follow her routine. They write down notes, or they will call if there is any problem. The caregivers show compassion in some of the little things that they do. They will fix her hair or nails. They were very kind to my mother when my father passed away. They let my mother speak about how she was feeling. I am confident in the office staff because any time there has been any problem, I can call up and they will instantly correct whatever it is. Problems don’t happen very often. Once they thought my mother was a little confused and they called right away. The owners have been fabulous. If I ever want to speak to the owner about anything, or I have questions, then the owners always call me back within minutes and take care of it. They are doing a great job!

~Donna L., Goshen, CT

Ellen V.

I would recommend this agency for home care because everyone in the agency does the best they can to provide the best care for my mother. They are very conscientious of what she needs. The agency did a good job of explaining everything they could provide for my mother. I don’t have to worry about my mom when I am not there because I know she is in good hands.

~Ellen V., Amston, CT

Glenda C.

I was happy that the caregiver went above and beyond for my mom. The agency came out to visit my mom bi-weekly to check on things. Always best Care gave us a wonderful caregiver that took care of all the needs we had.

~Glenda C., West Hartford, CT

John P.

What the caregiver does is going beyond expectation. She has such a personality that makes my parents extremely comfortable with her. It’s a work ethic that goes beyond what she is asked of. She is always on time. The caregiver does give them direction to take certain medications. She is always going above and beyond what she is asked of. She has saved someone’s life because she is aware of the patient. The office always calls when they are supposed to call and everyone we dealt with is knowledgeable. They even put together a group to clean up my parent’s garden. And that goes beyond their job. They give us service plus more!

~John P., Coventry, CT