5 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Seniors

Another year has come and gone, and a new one has just begun. It’s never too late to make positive changes in your life to boost your health and happiness. New Year’s resolutions often get a bad rap because many people set their sights high and then lose motivation partway through the year. However, setting realistic goals and slowly incorporating changes into your life can help you be more successful.

Many seniors are past the point of “lose 10 pounds” or “have better work-life balance,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t put meaningful resolutions in place that fit with where you are in life. Here are a few New Year’s resolutions to consider:

  1. Be More Proactive About Your Health

This goes beyond the common goal of losing a certain amount of weight. Make it a point to schedule regular checkups and get preventive screenings. Pay attention to your blood pressure and cholesterol so you can keep these numbers under control. As part of your plan, start making small changes to your diet to incorporate more fresh produce, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats while cutting down on sodium and processed foods.

  1. Increase Your Activity Level

You don’t have to start running every morning, but be purposeful about moving more each day. This could be a 10-minute walk that increases to 20 minutes then 30 minutes over time. Try a water aerobics, senior fitness, or yoga class at your local gym or rec center. Play with your grandkids at the park when the weather is nice. Get moving!

  1. Plan for the Future

Resolutions don’t have to be diet- and exercise-focused. Now is the time to put Power of Attorney and medical directives in place – before you need them. Though it can be a difficult topic, talk to your family about end-of-life care and your wishes. Update all of your legal documents so you know they’re current. Think about what accommodations you’ll need as you continue to age in place, and begin making changes around your home such adding grab bars, improving lighting, or getting rid of clutter.

  1. Make New Friends – and Reconnect with Old Ones

Socialization is essential in aging. Why not decide this year that you’ll start volunteering or join a club in order to meet new people with common interests? Dig out your address book (or log onto social media) and reach out to someone you lost touch with to reconnect. Maybe this year you want to spend more time with family as well.

  1. Learn to Use Technology

The world is changing, and technology only continues to be more prevalent. Make it a goal to learn how to navigate a smart phone, use a video chat app, or order products online. Talk to family and friends about what skills you could benefit from, then be open to learning new things.

Set goals that are meaningful to you and that you are motivated to work toward. Remember that you don’t have to do everything all at once – goals are meant to be for the whole year. As you’re looking ahead to the future, consider scheduling a free consultation with Always Best Care of Central Connecticut to learn more about how you can benefit from senior care services in Manchester CT throughout different stages of aging. Contact us today at (860) 533-9343 to get started.