5 Miraculous Benefits of Music for seniors

Listening to music can benefit our physical and mental health in numerous ways, regardless of our age. However, music has some specific benefits that could help motivate seniors and improve their quality of their everyday life. Seniors receiving in-home care in Manchester CT should be encouraged to incorporate listening to or playing music to their daily activities.

  1. Stimulates ‘feel-good’ vibes
  2. Research has proven that listening to music can relieve stress and stimulate ‘feel-good’ chemicals. This emotional experience ensures that music listeners feel more energized and positive, as a result in increased bio-chemical positivity. A visit to the Manchester Symphony Orchestra and Chorale could be the perfect opportunity to make a senior feel happier.

  3. Induces better sleep patterns
  4. Slow, soothing music has been proven to alter the speed of brainwave activity, bringing the listener to a state of meditation or hypnosis. In effect the listener feels ease in tension and experiences a deeper sleep – meaning they get more rest. Caregivers are encouraged to view a performance at the Manchester Bicentennial Band Shell in the evenings with their seniors, to help the elderly develop better sleeping patterns.

  5. Improve cognitive ability
  6. Playing a musical instrument is like exercising your brain, as the activity helps you learn and recall information better. Though the activity may be to play a few simple notes on a piano, the activity will make seniors feel more empowered and positive. Seniors seeking to learn a new musical instrumental or refresh their old skills are always welcome to take a lesson at the terrific music studio Beller’s Music located on Main St, Manchester.

  7. Increases Verbal Communication
  8. Researcher state that the rhythm, pitch, melody and voice used in music can have a significant effect on understanding words and their meaning. For seniors looking to reduce the impact of Alzheimer’s or another dementia, the best way to remember and recall is through music. The Little Theatre of Manchester at Cheney Hall presents numerous plays and musicals throughout the year, for senior citizens to enjoy.

  9. Allows a listener to relive past memorie

Care providers should use music to increase positive emotions, and allow seniors to re-live memories from their past. For seniors that enjoy traditional music or have Scottish heritage, the Manchester Pipe Band plays contemporary and traditional bagpipe music that truly allows them to relive joyful moments. The band also invites any interested listeners to tuition, which could be a fantastic social activity for elderly citizens  receiving elderly care in Manchester CT.

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