5 Day Trip Ideas for seniors

Nicknamed ‘Silk City’, Manchester, Connecticut is a charismatic town, perfect for seniors seeking to improve their quality of life and maintain their independence. Whether you are seeking to explore nature or enjoy the bustle of the town center, Manchester offers its elderly community much to do. Enjoy endless entertainment and freedom by participating in one of the five top-day trip ideas for seniors in Manchester.

  1. A peaceful escape to Wickham Park
  2. Seniors receiving in-home care in Manchester, CT have the opportunity to discover the spectacular scenery at Wickham Park. The beautifully maintained property offers visitors a bird sanctuary, sensory garden and several walking trails to explore. Wickham Park is a perfect place for seniors to improve their physical and spiritual wellbeing.

  3. Visit the waterfalls at Case Mountain
  4. Case Mountain is a wonderful place to take an easy hike, with well-marked trails and lots of benches for resting, seniors can easily enjoy moving through nature.  For seniors looking to enjoy the park with minimal effort, a recently re-landscaped waterfall and stone bridge can be appreciated at the base of the mountain. This location is likely to leave anyone feeling refreshed after a visit.

  5. Go to the movies at Rave Cinemas
  6. Seniors will definitely enjoy the friendly staff, excellent sound-system and clear pictures on offer at Rave Cinemas. A wonderful place to be immersed into a movie, Rave Cinemas screens both new releases as well as the classics. Make sure to follow your movie with a meal to make the trip that little bit more special!

  7. Tour a historic site and landmark
  8. For seniors who enjoy their history, a visit to the ancestral home of the Cheney family would be a wonderful experience. The now historic site was one the home of Timothy Cheney, a master clockmaker and his brothers, the founders of the Manchester silk industry. The house features personal belongings of the family and antique furniture, sure to delight any history-loving senior.

  9. 5. Enjoy a night of amusement
  10. Seniors seeking to enjoy a great atmosphere, food and comedic talent to raise their mood should visit the Hartford Funny Bone Comedy Club. With an array of comedy superstars such as Drew Carey, Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock visiting the club, senior citizens are sure to relish a laugh. Remember, laughter really is the best medicine, so be sure to visit the comedy club for a show or two.

Manchester is full of great activities for senior citizens to enjoy. Care providers offering senior care in Manchester, CT are advised to encourage their seniors to partake in day trips like those listed above to improve their quality of life. For further information about the benefits of non-medical caregivers and the empowerment of independent senior living, call John and Kristine Lajeunesse today.

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