How Can You Help Your Elderly Loved One Take Care of Her Feet?

Senior Care in Cherry Hills Village CO

Senior Care in Cherry Hills Village COYour loved one’s feet are the foundation of her overall health, literally. The better care you can help her to take of her feet, the likelier she is to have better overall health. Try some of these tips for improving your loved one’s foot care.

Encourage Daily Cleaning and Examination of Her Feet

If your loved one is taking care of personal care on her own, it’s important to remind her to pay attention to her feet. You might even offer to help her to put lotion on her feet or to clean them for her every few days. Foot rubs are extremely relaxing and this is a great way to both do something nice for your loved one and be able to spot potential problems with her feet.

Use Mild Cleansers and Lotions

When you do clean your loved one’s feet, make sure that you use mild soaps that aren’t going to be drying or damaging to the skin on her feet. Mild lotions without a lot of added fragrances are also a good idea. After washing and before applying lotion, make sure that your loved one’s feet are completely dry to avoid fungal growth. A hair dryer set to cool is a great way to get her feet completely dry.

Pay Particular Attention to Toenails

You definitely want to pay some special attention to your loved one’s toenails. If they’re allowed to grow too long, they can cut her feet and be really uncomfortable in shoes. Make sure that you trim them straight across and then file off any rough edges. Avoid trimming them too short, since that can encourage ingrown toenails and also runs a greater risk of accidentally cutting your loved one’s skin.

Get Help Right Away if Something Doesn’t Seem Right

If something doesn’t look, feel, or smell right about your loved one’s feet, make sure that you talk to her doctor right away. Wounds that don’t heal can be a sign of bigger problems, so it’s important that your loved one’s doctor is able to diagnose issues quickly.

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