5 Tips for Communicating with an Elderly Parent’s Medical Team

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Home Care in Denver COAs an aging parent’s health begins to deteriorate, the need for a medical team becomes more crucial. Adult children who are unable to provide the constant care their loved one needs, a home care professional may be needed. No matter who cares for the elder, it is important that their children stay in constant communication with their doctor.

By doing this, the adult child will have a better understanding of their loved one’s health and what can be done at home to help them lessen their symptoms and manage the illness. If you are wondering how to effectively communicate with an elderly parent’s medical team, these 5 tips will put you on the right track.

  1. Complete the necessary paperwork. In order to be better prepared for a decline in your loved one’s health, legal paperwork should be completed that states who the elder’s medical power of attorney is, what family members are allowed access to their medical records, and any other necessary information needed. The doctor will also need to be given a copy of this paperwork to know what family members they are allowed to discuss the elder’s condition with and who is able to make medical decisions for their aging loved one.
  2. Decide who will communicate with the doctor. Doctors are very busy and do not have time to call dozens of family members. Decide which family member will be in constant communication with the doctor. This family member can then relay all of the information to the rest of the family.
  3. Go to doctor appointments. Attending doctor appointments with your loved one can be extremely beneficial. You will gain a better understanding of the senior’s medical condition, while also getting any questions answered. To make sure you get all of the information needed, have a list of questions with you when going to the doctor appointment. If you are unable to go to the appointment, either send another family member in your place or call the doctor afterwards to get all of the information you need.
  4. Get extra help. Depending on the medical condition your loved one is coping with, they may need constant help, from bathing and brushing their teeth to cooking, cleaning, and driving. If you do not have the time to do this yourself, hiring a senior care provider may be necessary. This person will provide as much help as the elder needs, while also reminding them to take their medication.
  5. Talk to all doctors. Many elders have more than one doctor. However, these doctors will most likely not be sharing information with each other, so it is up to you to keep a record of all important information. A list of medications, the names of the doctors, and the pharmacy and phone number are all items you need to be aware of. If necessary, you may need to distribute a copy of this information to each doctor so that they are aware of what medications have already been prescribed.

These 5 tips should help you and the elder’s medical team communicate more effectively with each other for the health and wellness of your aging parent.


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