July 11th is Cheer Up the Lonely Day

Elder Care in Morrison CO

Elder Care in Morrison CO

While is important for everyone to make the effort to do good deeds and be kind every day of the year, there are some great holidays that can make it easier for us to think of ways we can be kind to one another. One of these holidays that promotes kindness and helping out a person in need is Cheer Up the Lonely Day which is celebrated on July 11th. On Cheer Up the Lonely Day, Americans are encouraged to do something kind for a person who may be suffering from loneliness or isolation. As a caregiver for an elderly adult, you may already know how susceptible the elderly are to loneliness. It health problems or lack of transportation is preventing them from participating in social activities, it can be hard for them to get the social interaction they need to have good quality of life. On Cheer Up the Lonely Day, why not try some of these things to help your elderly loved one feel happy and less lonely? And, remember, it is important to do these things on a regular basis and not just once a year to help your loved one to keep loneliness at bay.

Bring a Meal

Chances are, your loved one eats many meals alone. Whether they are cooking for themselves or they have a meal delivery service, if they live alone, they probably miss conversation at mealtimes. For this reason, it is a great idea to bring a meal over to your loved one’s home to eat together. It will give you a great opportunity to catch up and converse and it is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. Bring a home cooked favorite or a meal from their favorite take out restaurant, either way it is a great way to cheer up a loved one who is feeling lonely.

Plan a Visit

If you feel that your loved one doesn’t get enough visitors which is leading them to feel lonely and isolated, plan some regular visits so that they can count on your company. Let them know when you will be coming and how long you plan to stay. In addition, it is a great idea to plan an activity to keep your visits together fun or even productive. Try to plan activities such as doing a craft, organizing a closet, weeding the garden, or going on an errand.

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