4 Signs that Indicate Your Loved One May Have Excess Ear Wax

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Caregivers in Morrison COEars are a sensitive part of everyone’s body, but especially for your elderly loved one. As a family caregiver, you might become a little bit concerned when you hear that your loved one is having any trouble at all with her ears. The first step, of course, is to talk with your loved one’s doctor to make sure that she’s not dealing with anything serious. If the problem is simply too much ear wax, these symptoms might be what she’s experiencing.

Poor Hearing in One or Both Ears

If your loved one usually has pretty good hearing and then suddenly is having trouble hearing, ear wax could be the culprit. It’s never a good idea to just assume that diminished hearing is normal or a regular part of growing older. Too much ear wax doesn’t allow your loved one’s ear to properly receive sounds or they may sound muffled.

Buzzing Sounds in Her Ears

If your loved one is complaining of hissing or buzzing sounds in her ears, called tinnitus, she may be dealing with too much ear wax. Having clogged ears can cause your loved one’s ears and brain to have a difficult time processing the sounds that are happening around her, resulting in the tinnitus.

A Full Feeling in One or Both Ears

Your loved one might also report feeling as though her ears are full or packed. This is because the ear wax buildup packs into the ear canal. As more and more wax collects, your loved one might feel more of a painful feeling rather than just a full feeling.

An Earache without Other Complications

If your loved one isn’t experiencing fullness, just pain, she might think that it’s an earache or an ear infection. The difference is that with an ear infection, your loved one would likely also have a fever or other symptoms that would indicate that the condition is part of an illness. With earwax buildup, your loved one might feel as though she has an ear infection, but without any other symptoms at all.

Your loved one’s doctor can show you how to help your loved one keep her ears clean safely so that she doesn’t have to worry about ear wax building up and causing problems for her.

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