Ways to Help Seniors Get Better Sleep

In our fast-paced lives, our sleep often is one of the things we tend to forego. With so much to do in the Denver metro area, most of us live with the mantra that we will have more time to sleep when we are older or when we retire. While this may make a lot of sense before we become seniors, we don’t realize that seniors can actually have many sleep issues. These issues can trigger even more serious health problems.

If you have a senior family member that may not be getting enough zzz’s, look for the following symptoms:

  • Confusion
  • Getting ill often
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Decreased emotional well-being
  • An increase in falls, lack of balance, increased unsteadiness
  • Being more irritable than usual

If you notice these symptoms in a senior friend or family member, it is time to get some help for them. Lack of sleep can cause many different problems and decrease your senior’s quality of life and health. Here are some ideas and tips to help the senior in your life get more sleep:

Short Afternoon Naps

While a nap can be a good way to catch up on missed sleep, too much of a nap can cause difficulty sleeping at night. If a senior takes a long afternoon nap, it is best to try to cut it down to help aid in nighttime sleep.

Bedtime Routine

No matter the age, everyone should incorporate a bedtime routine before trying to sleep at night. This helps the body and the brain prepare for a good night’s rest. You or your senior’s professional caregiver from Littleton Always Best Care can help establish a bedtime routine that works for your senior.

Forego the Alcohol

Although a drink before bed can be an enjoyment for many seniors, it can also inhibit their sleeping abilities. If they can cut back, take some nights off, or find an alternative non-alcoholic beverage, this can help aid in better sleep.

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