What Is Non-Medical In-Home Senior Care?

For day to day routine activities that are more geared towards managing everyday tasks, your elderly loved one needs non-medical professional care. Non medical care services do not require any medical attention or handling. Many elderly don’t require constant home health care, but could benefit from an in home care provider in other ways. That’s when non-medical in home care is useful.

Here Are Some Of The Non Medical In-Home Services For The Elderly:

  • Personal care: It aims at helping with everyday hygiene needs such as bathing, sponging, and shaving, grooming needs such as trimming nails and hair, dressing, and so on.
  • Homemaking: Senior citizens who are mostly independent can benefit from a little bit of daily help, which is another service provided by non-medical in home care providers. Caregivers look after basic everyday housekeeping requirements such as keeping clothes in the right space, keeping the rooms or closest areas clean, changing the bed sheets, making the bed, dusting, preparing the meals, etc.
  • Companionship: It is one of the most important services offered by non-medical caregivers. For many seniors, living at home can feel isolating, especially after the death of a spouse. Companion care can provide them the much-needed emotional support.
  • Basic Assistance: It involves assisting the senior with moving in the house. Helping getting in and out of a wheelchair, helping with getting in and out of a car, etc. are some of the tasks that a caregivers helps the senior with.

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