Ways the Elderly Can Ward Off the Winter Blues

The holiday season provides you a dozen reasons to be excited but one explanation that enables you to feel upset than usual is the winter blues, and fighting them may seem difficult at first – all thanks to the short daylight hours, cold temperatures and the laziness of going out. Anyone can feel depressed and anxious after being stuck inside for long periods and seniors are no exception.

Luckily, there are a number of ways you can ward off the winter blues. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Enjoy natural light as much as possible:
    Try spending most of your time outdoors during the day to enjoy the crisp air and sunlight, even if it’s for a small amount of time. You get the benefit of natural light and fresh air when you go outside, which in turn tends to improve your mood and ward off the seasonal depression. However, if you can’t go outside, you can consider opening the windows and letting the light stream in.
  • Eat healthy:
    Eating good food tends to have a big impact on your mood, therefore the experts recommend avoiding sugar-filled and processed foods since these can zap the energy and cause a lack of concentration, mood swings, and depression. Instead, you should lay your focus on vegetables, lean proteins, fruits, complex carbohydrates and drinking immense amount of water. Indulging in eating healthy foods work wonders in improving your body and mind.
  • Carry out the traditions:
    Escape the boredom by involving yourself in doing the things you love like chatting and sipping hot cocoa with your family, making a bonfire and watching a favorite movie together, building a snowman, and many others that can you in improving your mood and developing a healthy bond with family.
  • Volunteer:
    Volunteering helps in giving back to society while helping others, this, in turn, helps in providing one with personal satisfaction, the opportunity of meeting new people and the chance of being able to learn new things.
  • Spend time with the people you love:
    One of the easiest ways of relieving stress and calming your nervous system is to engage yourself in social interactions with the people you love and the ones that make you happy.

Communications can involve any form like chatting over the telephone, communicating via email or social media, and doesn’t necessarily need to involve stepping out.

Winter months can be difficult at any age but you can take care of yourself by remaining active to escape the winter blues and enter into a cheerful spring.

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