Things to Consider Before Hiring a Geriatric Caregiver/Manager

The basic job of geriatric caregivers/managers is to promote health by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in older adults. Finding the right Geriatric Caregiver/Manager can be difficult for most families. So, we have covered a few things that you must keep in mind before hiring a Geriatric Caregiver/Manager for an aging parent or grandparent:

Understand what geriatric care managers do, how they are trained and certified, how much they cost, and how people can make wise decisions if they decide to hire one?

The geriatric caregivers are especially educated in different fields of human services such as social work, psychology, nursing, gerontology, etc. They are trained to assess, plan, coordinate, monitor and provide services for the elderly and their families. The assessment services charges differ from state to state. Before hiring them, one must consider the credentials, reference, reviews, feedback, emergency availability and experience.

The best time for hiring a geriatric caregiver’s service is when you see a serious decline in the health of your loved one. The caregivers can help seniors with everything from dressing, grooming, meal management, transportation, light housekeeping, to medication management, etc. They also help seniors stay fit and active by encouraging them to do regular exercise and engage in other physical activities, such as swimming.

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