Signs That Your Aging Parent Needs More Help

Aging brings many changes in a person’s physical as well as mental health. Your aging parent may seem just fine one day, but on the other day, you may notice them getting a little forgetful or unsteady on their feet. However, they get into a denial state whenever it comes to discussing the problem since it becomes hard for them to admit that they need help.

The daily chores get too much as we age; therefore it becomes necessary for the family members to step in and address the problems in a timely manner so as to help them in the best possible way. However, if your senior loved one isn’t ready to admit that they need help, here are some signs indicating that they need help no matter how much they deny it:

  • Difficulty in Managing Daily Activities:
    If your parent is managing their daily chores on their own, and you notice explicit changes like losing weight unexpectedly, poor hygiene, messy rooms, half-eaten food, and then it is a clear sign that they are not being able to manage household activities on their own.
  • Unsafe Driving:
    Changes in health and problems with vision, reflexes, and hearing can lead to unsafe driving, and studies have shown that seniors over the age of 65 are more likely to be killed or injured in a vehicle crash. Traffic tickets, unexplained dents or scratches on the car, frequent accidents are evident that your senior loved one needs help.
  • Forgetfulness:
    Have you seen your parents forgetting appointments or bills that need to be paid, or have they been losing on things more regularly or forget the dosage for their medicine, or put objects in illogical places? Well, it is a sign that your parents might be facing some medical condition or dementia; therefore it is vital to seek a doctor’s help.

Observing these signs, you definitely know that your parent needs help. Nevertheless, the key to helping is being gentle while approaching them, and reminding them of your love and connection towards them. Encourage them to take a break and concentrate on their well-being.

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