Resistance Training – How It Can Benefit Seniors

As people grow old, they are at a greater risk of falling. This can result in a number of fatal as well as non-fatal injuries including broken bones, fractures, issues with muscles, joints, and more. So, how can you help reduce the risk of falls in seniors and keep them healthy?

Well, resistance training is a type of exercise that can help seniors build up their muscles slowly. Stronger muscles further protect their joints and bones and reduces the risk of falling and getting injured. Seniors can benefit from resistance training in a number of ways and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Regular resistance training can help increase senior’s muscle strength and muscle endurance.
  • It also involves weight training that helps older adults have more endurance.
  • Resistance training may also help increase bone mass over time and prevent bone breaks and injuries. Women who are post-menopausal should consider resistance training as a part of their daily routine.
  • Resistance training improves the overall quality of life of seniors. Exercise, in general, helps improve their physical as well as mental health and help them spend their twilight years peacefully. Resistance training just brings more perks.
  • Considering training as a part of your loved one’s daily routine can also help reduce the risk of isolation, stress, and depression.

However, seniors often need someone who can assist them, or at least look after their safety while they exercise. If you have little time due to other responsibilities, you should consider hiring professional help. An experienced in-home care provider will not only look after your aging loved one’s safety in your absence, but also ensure that they participate in a regular resistance training program for their overall good health.

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