Keeping the Elderly Safe from Scams

Seniors often make easy targets for scams, whether it is for fraudulent sweepstakes prizes or unbelievable investment returns. Senior frauds can happen via mail, phone, in person, or the Internet. Scammers target both wealthy seniors as well as those with limited means. If you want to keep your senior loved one safe from scams, there are a number of things you can do to protect them.

Check on your senior loved one regularly

The first and foremost step to ensure that your senior loved one does not get scammed is to check on them regularly. It is important that you always keep in touch with them no matter how busy you are with your other commitments. Maintain a healthy relationship with them so that they are comfortable sharing things with you. Ask them about visitors, calls, or letters that they get. Having an open communication helps identify a problem sooner, and saves you and loved one from too much damage.

Talk to them about scams

Older adults tend to be more trusting than the younger generation. Although it is a great trait for anyone to have, it unfortunately leaves them open to scammers’ attention. It is important that you talk to your senior loved one about scams and why it is important not to give out one’s personal information or bank details no matter how genuine the other person may sound.

Sign them up for internet classes

There are a number of community centers out there that provide internet classes for older adults. Check if there is any such center in your area. If yes, sign your senior loved one up for the class. Taking an internet class would help them learn how to use the internet and spot potential scams.

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