How to Make Friends When Aging Alone

In the United States, 27% of adults aged 60 and over live alone. According to the report, about a quarter of persons aged 65 and older who are aging alone are suffering from social isolation, which can lead to major health problems and even premature mortality. Furthermore, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that social isolation is related to a 50% increased risk of dementia.

Individuals who are socially isolated frequently lack a support network. Friendships are crucial to an individual’s well-being at any age, but they are especially important for older persons who live alone and lack interaction with others, whether by choice, losing a spouse, the absence of children, or the absence of relatives nearby.

Living alone as we age does not have to entail being socially isolated. There are several methods to meet new people, reconnect with old ones, and live well while aging alone. As an example:

  • Look for activities for older adults at your local YMCA or gym. Many provide senior fitness courses. Not only will you meet new people, but you’ll also receive regular exercise.
  • Step outdoors and greet your neighbors.
  • Learn about your neighborhood’s senior center and other community options.
  • Attend a class. Inquire about classes at the elder center, library, or YMCA. You’ll meet others who share your hobbies. You’ll also be exercising your intellect, and who doesn’t enjoy learning new things?
  • Consider adopting an older dog or cat if you enjoy animals and are physically and financially capable of caring for one. A pet, while not a replacement for humans, may provide consolation.
  • Participate in a book club. One can be found at your local library, senior center, or YMCA.

How Can Always Best Care Helps?

Always Best Care’s highly trained caregivers offer services that promote healthy living and well-being by utilizing the advantages of social connection. Caregivers help the elderly maintain social relationships by providing wellness support, food preparation, light housework, and other services such as mobility assistance, hygiene services, and transportation.

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