How Assisted Living Can Have a Positive Impact on Seniors?

According to a recent research by the American Heart Association, about 5.7 million Americans are suffering from heart diseases. However, evidence suggests long-term caregivers and assisted living communities can help in bringing about a change, and help seniors in staying active while enjoying their lives in the best possible manner.

There’s certainly a correlation between improving senior heart health and the increased use of assisted living communities, which proves the fact that caregivers have been taking their responsibility for health care seriously. The encouragement, support, and structure of these communities can really help in improving the heart health of seniors, like:

  • The assisted living communities work properly in coordinating meal planning and exercise routine for the seniors, which in turn prove to be a heart-healthy lifestyle. Exercise programs such as Tai Chi, Dancing, and Water Aerobics help the elderly in keeping fit and active.
  • Assisted living communities are very mindful when it comes to choosing both healthy as well as delicious diets for their residents. People in assisted living explain the importance of heart health and the need for the choice of a nutritious diet, while ensuring that the elderly receive a proper diet while making menus. They also take recommendations from registered dietitians and at the same time ensure that medication is taken as prescribed and side effects if any are reported to doctors as soon as possible.
  • The assisted living communities also work to connect older adults with emotional support sources like therapists, heart failure support groups, and social workers to ensure that their mental health is taken care of.

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