Geriatric Caregivers – How To Find The Right One for an Aging Loved One?

When it comes to looking for professional assistance to take care of older adults, the first thing that comes to our mind is whether we need a Geriatric caregiver or a caretaker. Yes, there is a big difference between their jobs and the set of services provided by each of these professionals. All geriatric caregivers/managers can be caretakers, but all caretakers cannot be geriatric professionals.

Geriatric experts are licensed professionals who specialize in geriatrics and provide every necessary aid required by an older adult. Here are some key responsibilities carried out by Geriatric Caregivers:

  • Address emotional concerns
  • Evaluate other living arrangements
  • Provide stress relief
  • Discuss complex issues
  • Make short- and long-term plans
  • Evaluate in-home care needs
  • Coordinate medical services
  • Make home visits and suggest other additional services

Now, the question arises how you can you find the most proficient Geriatric Caregiver for your aging loved one. To begin with, you have both the options to hire them individually or consider organizations that provide their caregiver services. Considering the following points may also help you make the right choice:

  • The Geriatric caregiver must be licensed
  • Always check how long they have been practicing Geriatric Care
  • Are they available at the time of emergency?
  • What is their fee and are there any hidden charges?
  • Ask them to share some of their references

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