Fall Prevention in the Elderly

Falls are one of the leading causes of fatal as well as non-fatal injuries among seniors aged 65+. Some of the injuries caused due to falls include hip fractures, head injuries, broken bones, etc. Even if the fall does not cause a serious injury, it can make seniors fearful that further prevents them from staying active.

If you have a senior member in your family, help them avoid falls by considering the following tips.

Remove home hazards: Get rid of the clutter which may have accumulated in the house. Make sure that everything is in its place and easily accessible for your senior loved one. You can also consider securing the rugs and tying back cords to make sure they are out of the way.

Have proper lighting in the house: Always keep the house well-lit to make sure your senior loved one does not trip on the objects which are sometimes hard to see. Place some night lights in the hallways, bedroom, and bathroom. You can also place a table lamp next to the senior’s bed for their middle-of-the-night needs.

Use assistive devices: Besides the doctor recommended devices, like a walker or cane, seniors can also use other assistive devices such as:

  • Grab bars for the shower/tub
  • Non-slip treads for bare wood steps
  • Handrails for both sides of the stairways
  • A raised toilet-seat or one that has armrests

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