Common Dental Problems with Aging

Think about your loved one’s health for a second. What do you think of? You might be thinking about how much exercise they are getting or how much time they are spending outside in the sunshine. Or you might be thinking about their mental health and how much stress they may be facing on a daily basis. But how much time do you spend thinking about your senior’s oral health? Probably not much time! However, when your senior who’s receiving senior care in Vacaville gets older, he or she is going to start having more problems with that oral health. Keep reading down below for what you need to know about the most common dental problems that come with aging.

  • Their gums might start receding: When it comes to your senior’s oral health, it’s not just his or her teeth that you should be worried about! You also have to think about their gums. Over time, thanks to gum disease or just genetics, your senior’s gums might start to recede and expose some of their tooth’s roots. This is a problem that should be addressed by a quick dentist’s office visit.
  • Their teeth might be a bit more sensitive: When we get older, our teeth naturally become less strong than they once were. This is why our parents always told us to drink our milk – that calcium is important for strong teeth! If your senior is dealing with sensitive teeth, then speak with their dentist about what toothpaste and toothbrushes are best for sensitive teeth and to help build back up that protective enamel. There are certain products that are better than others at this.
  • Their dentures might not fit as well: Over time, your senior’s dentures can easily fit less well than at first. This is a problem that can cause serious discomfort when your senior is trying to chew food or speak with others.
  • Saliva won’t be produced as easily: This can easily make your senior’s mouth more dry than usual. This is a completely common problem that’s faced by every single senior out there that can be solved by drinking more water, sucking on some sugar-less candies, or heading to their regular dentist appointment for a check-up.
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