Meet the Team

Carrie Bianco, CSA - Owner and Executive Director

Carrie Bianco, CSA – Owner and Executive Director

I started Always Best Care South Bay in February 2010. I had a dream to positively impact as many older adults as possible and to advocate for their dignity and independence throughout the aging process. My purpose is personal. Witnessing my own mother lose her memory and independence to Alzheimer’s disease broke my heart and changed my perspective of what it means to grow older.

During the last two years of my mom’s life, I experienced a foreign world; a world I was unprepared to understand. Much of what I learned about the disease I did so on my own. I received lists of undesirable care options for my Mom but help from the doctors was hard to come by. I remember how clinical it all was. There was a lack of emotion. My Mom was just another diagnosis. But for me my Mom was the most important person in my world. She died several years ago, and it still feels like yesterday.

Since her death I have been compelled to share my experiences, mistakes, and knowledge with anyone who needs it. Leading Always Best Care has been a way for me to pay-it-forward and honor my Mama.

Now when I look in the mirror, I see the faces of the families we have helped in my own wrinkles. As I face my aging journey, I know Always Best Care South Bay will see me through every mile marker and support me around every corner. And I know this to be true for you too.

This is my legacy:

To remember for those who forgot;
To see, hear, walk for those who cannot;
To be the voice for those who have none;
To visit and listen to stories for those who have no one….

David Hart, Ph.D. - Director of Community Health

David Hart, Ph.D. – Director of Community Health

Dr. David Hart is a clinical mental health counselor with nearly 20 years of experience working with people with dementia and their families. Dr. Hart received his Ph.D. in Counseling from the University of Missouri – St. Louis and was formerly the Director of Education at Alzheimer’s Family Services Center – a state-of-the-art adult day health care center affiliated with Hoag Hospital’s Neurosciences Institute. Currently, Dr. Hart is Director of Community Health at Always Best Care South Bay/West LA and a faculty member in the College of Health and Human Development at California State University, Fullerton. Dr. Hart is the Founding Chair of the South Bay Dementia Education Consortium, a staff writer for the Southern California News Group on topics related to optimal aging, and has presented his published works at national and international conferences.

Jennifer Barrios - Manager, Staffing and Recruitment

Jennifer Barrios – Manager, Staffing and Recruitment

Jennifer enjoys helping our caregivers by listening to their personal stories and work experience in an effort to accurately match their talents and personalities with the specific needs of the clients we serve. Jennifer’s personal experience caring for her father during his battle with brain cancer provided genuine insight into the aging process and the needs of hospice and end-of-life patients – an education that inspires Jennifer to recruit and hire the most passionate, and knowledgeable, caregivers available in the South Bay and West LA. During her time away from work, Jennifer loves outdoor activities including hikes, the beach, and other adventures. She loves her blue-nose Pitbull named Pirate and her Sulcata Desert Tortoise, which she expects to grow to be as big as a dinosaur.

Lei’Sha Brown - Care Manager

Lei’Sha Brown – Care Manager

Lei’Sha first experienced caregiving when her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. Fortunately, Lei’Sha comes from a large family of nurses, CNAs, and caregivers and came to Always Best Care in 2019 as a staff recruiter and recently joined the Care Management team as a Care Manager. She now manages the care of over 20 clients, loves her monthly in-home visits and helping families take care of their loved ones. With Lei’Sha’s 12 years experience in caregiving, she knows what it takes for caregivers to deliver the best care.

When Lei’Sha is not working and taking care of her clients she is hanging out with her 3 beautiful kids. She will be studying to also become a wound nurse in Fall 2021.

Teri Lovano - Care Manager

Teri Lovano – Care Manager

Teri has been a Care Manager here at Always Best Care South Bay for 7 years now. She loves going to work every day and believes that her job is the best at ABC. As a Care Manager,Teri serves as a bridge between our clients, caregivers, and our amazing staffing office. Once a client agrees to move forward with Team ABC, Teri answers any outstanding questions, completes a comprehensive assessment that is eventually developed into a plan of care, and then helps our staffing team find the perfect caregiver(s) to meet the needs of our clients and their families. Teri also provides information and referrals on a variety of healthcare concerns to help families find solutions to challenges they may face.

Teri has always had a love of the elderly and once finding out she could major in gerontology while attending Kent State in Ohio, she jumped right in. Teri is married and has two grown children. Teri and her husband reside in Redondo Beach and she enjoys running marathons, doing triathlons, being in the ocean swimming, and prone paddling. Teri believes one should Live While They Are Living – a lesson she’s learned from working with our precious clients.

Tom Oh - Community Liaison

Tom Oh – Community Liaison

Tom’s career background includes marketing, sales and client support for the entertainment, automotive, construction, and dental insurance industries. Tom enjoys helping the elderly and their families maintain their best quality of life while living with dignity and independence at home. Tom joined Always Best Care because of the organization’s mission to provide exceptional care and support to older adults and their families in the South Bay and beyond.

When not working, he enjoys creating art, fishing, and listening to music really loudly.


Cristina Reynolds - Staffing Coordinator/Professional Recruiter

Cristina Reynolds – Staffing Coordinator/Professional Recruiter

Ever since she can remember, Cristina has had a passion for helping others. Cristina comes from a family of therapists, doctors, surgeons, police officers, and teachers; the need to help others runs in the family. Cristina currently attends the University of California, Irvine and majors in Biology. Cristina moved to Los Angeles permanently in 2018 and wanted to work somewhere she could make a difference while working on her degree. Cristina’s experience caring for her mother after a cancer diagnosis helps her to empathize with both our clients and caregivers. Cristina currently serves as a staffing coordinator and professional recruiter. Her job is to make the perfect match between our clients’ needs and our caregivers’ talents. On her off time, Cristina enjoys going to the beach or camping with her family and friends.

David Sanchez - Care Manager and Hospice Coordinator

David Sanchez – Care Manager and Hospice Coordinator

David Sanchez came to Always Best Care as a caregiver in 2016, with 9 years of experience providing home care for all levels of support needed, while also attending school. His excellent care, and his eagerness to grow in the field, led to David’s invitation to join the staffing team as a Care Specialist. David’s passion to provide quality care through educating the clients and caregivers alike has made him a positive force on Team ABC. David provides evidence-based training to caregivers on how to improve their bedside manner and care skills. When he is not at work you can find him at a karaoke bar. A fun fact about David: he can read, write, and sing in Arabic, Japanese, and Spanish!


Diana Villapudua - Assistant Manager, Staffing and Recruitment

Diana Villapudua – Assistant Manager, Staffing and Recruitment

Diana has been with Always Best Care since 2018 and has over 12 years of experience working with staffing companies. Diana finds pleasure in meeting qualified caregivers and matching them with clients who will most benefit from their skill set, experience, and talents. In addition to helping develop her team, Diana has thoroughly enjoyed building connections with local nursing schools and attending job fairs.

Diana Lives in Los Angeles and is happily married to her husband Israel for 13 years. They have 4 beautiful children, Adrian 12, Francisco 10, Valentina 6, and Leonidas 2. Diana enjoyed playing soccer during the weekend as a goalkeeper. She played with four teams in the morning and the afternoon. Her passion and integrity is a part of her personality and she uses that same drive to motivate her team at ABC – now and in the years to come.