In Home Care

More and more seniors across the United States, including here in the Conejo Valley of California are receiving the care they need in their own homes.

In-home care allows seniors to receive all the care they need in their own Thousand Oak homes

In the United States, there are more seniors than ever before. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that the senior demographic (65 and up) and grew by 53% from 1970–2000. And the senior population is still growing. Estimates show that by 2030 seniors will outnumber children for the first time ever. To serve this growing population, senior care has had to expand and innovate.

Not all seniors need senior care, but many do or will at some point. But not all seniors want their care to dominate their lives. They need the care they need, but they still want to live their lives on their terms. Always Best Care of Thousand Oaks offers in-home care services to help them do just that.

With in-home care, seniors in Thousand Oaks and nearby Conejo Valley can receive companion care, homemaking services, and personal care. Andit’s important to note that many who can benefit from in-home care are not seniors but rather younger people who live with disabilities or who are recovering from injuries or medical episodes.

In-home Care from Always Best Care of Thousand Oaks

With our in-home care services, Always Best Care of Thousand Oaks can guarantee that:

  • All our caregivers are licensed employees who are trained in-house.
  • All our caregivers must pass a rigorous pre-employment screening.
  • All our in-home care plans are customized to each client’s needs.
  • We offer free in-home care consultations with no obligation to buy.

To learn more about in-home care services in Thousand Oaks, please visit our website or call 805-285-5251