Home Health Care

Home health care has expanded significantly in the 21st century. Home health care has helped countless people in Thousand Oaks and elsewhere in the Conejo Valley of California live healthier, safer, and happier lives.

Always Best Care of Thousand Oaks offers home health care that rivals the quantity and quality of services provided in even the best assisted living communities in Conejo Valley.

There are several great assisted living facilities in the Conejo Valley of California. Many seniors, as well as younger people who have disabilities, are happy, healthy, safe, and overall living their best lives in these communities. But assisted living is not without its drawbacks. For one, it’s almost always more expensive than home health care. And two, some people just don’t want to move out of their Conejo Valley homes.

If you’re a senior who owns a home in Thousand Oaks and has lived there for years, or even decades, you probably don’t want to move out to receive care. That’s why Always Best Care of Thousand Oaks offers an extensive number of home health care services. With a caregiver visiting you in your home weekly, twice weekly, daily, or even twice daily, you can rest assured you will get the care you need.

Home health care services are customized to each client.

The home health care services you receive depend on your needs. With home health care, clients in Thousand Oaks can receive:

  • Companion care to battle isolation and loneliness and to mitigate the affects of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Home helper services to help seniors manage their homes and run errands.
  • Personal care to help seniors take care of themselves and accomplish everyday tasks.

To learn more about home health care services in Thousand Oaks, please visit our website or call 805-563-6442.