Strategies for Boosting Brain Health

Encouraging elderly loved ones to take part in activities that give their brain health a boost is very important.  Participating in activities that get their brains working can prevent cognitive decline.

Most activities can be completed without even realizing that the brain is given a workout.  Here are a few examples:


How can you be exercising while sitting in a cafe having a coffee with your friends?  What kind of workout lets you share a pizza with your family at the same time?  The answer is, of course, a brain workout!

Engaging in simple conversation and doing activities with people you know keeps your brain working, as it process information and decides what to say or do next.  Interacting with people is also a cure for loneliness—this is important, as loneliness can lead to a feeling of social exclusion, which in turn has a proven link to the onset of dementia.

Playing Games

While you’ve got everyone around for conversation and pizza, why not play a game?  Anything that requires you to manipulate pieces, think of answers, or play about with words or numbers is great for the brain.  If you have elderly care in Temecula, you should challenge your Caregiver to a game!

If nobody is available to play with you, then a crossword or Sudoku puzzle will have the same effect.  Try to do increasingly harder puzzles or race against the clock to really put your brain under pressure.


Reading is one of the simplest activities that cause you to use brainpower.  It can also be done from the comfort of your own home.

You don’t have to choose a complex piece of literature; it can be something as simple as a magazine or a recipe book.  These materials will cause your brain to work, processing information and working out what is being read.

Trying Something New

Learning new things and continuing to challenge oneself will keep your brain at the peak of fitness.  If you join a new club—to learn how to paint, for example—you will also have the opportunity to socialize!

If you want to learn something new at home, why not try a new language or attempt that cake recipe you’ve always thought was too complicated?

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