Dealing with Loss of Appetite in an Aging Parent

Right, so let us get to the bottom of the reason you’re reading this article. If you’re like many sons and daughters out there, you’re probably worried about the health and safety of your aging parent. And one of those concerns might be with their loss of appetite lately that could be caused by any number of factors. However, the main factor is aging in and of itself. That’s right! It’s completely natural for seniors to start losing their appetite more often and not needing to eat as much. However, if your senior is receiving in-home care in Temecula, you and their caregiver should discuss what else could be attributing to this loss of appetite. This is especially important if your senior is not getting enough nutrients in their body to lead a happy and healthy life. Read below for some ways you can do that!

  • Exercise, exercise, and more exercise: When it comes to loss of appetite, a big contributing factor could be your loved one is not getting enough exercise during the day. You see, whenever we exercise, we burn tons of calories. And these calories have got to be replaced by eating meals afterwards with the proper nutrition content. Make sure your senior is getting their daily dose of exercise, so they can get their appetite back on track.
  • Meal prepping: One reason your senior might not be eating as much is they don’t have the mental and physical energy to cook meals for themselves. This can be simply solved by you working with your senior at the beginning of the week to prep all their meals for the week. Simply make a huge batch of their favorite meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, store them in plastic containers, and they’re ready for whenever your senior needs them!
  • Drinking enough water: You may not think about it on a daily basis, but drinking enough water during the day has a huge impact on your appetite. If your senior is not drinking their full eight glasses of water a day, this could be attributing to their loss of appetite.
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